Who are we?

     This project was started by a group of Ukrainian-Canadians that were seeking creative ways to fundraise money for the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Together, we've equipped supports with over 200 items, and have raised over $10 000! 

    Donation Transparency

    We have created a spreadsheet so everyone can see how much money we have raised. In an effort to be completely transparent, we've included all of our costs and guarantee that everyone working on this project was 100% volunteering their time with creatives, design, operations, customer support, and logistics. 
    The link below is a breakdown of the donations:
    Breakdown of costs:

    Donation Updates

    We have hit our $10 000 goal and are quickly moving on to a $20 000 goal. Once that goal has been reached we will announce the donation along with donation receipt!
    Thank you all for your generosity and we pray that the end to war comes quickly. Peace and Love